Abbie Fox

Founder of Red Fox Floral

Abbie Fox Red Fox Floral

Hello! Welcome to Red Fox Floral, a design studio that has simplified and streamlined ordering beautiful wedding flowers.

Abbie Fox, the owner and lead designer at Red Fox Floral, has over 20 years experience in the floral industry. “Even as a young child I was creative and always working on an art project. When I was 16, some very cute kittens, named Petals and Pansy, drew me into the first flower shop I had ever been in. It was like walking into a beautiful garden oasis (with cats)! That was all it took to get me hooked on flowers and I made it my mission to work there.”

Just like everyone starting out, Abbie washed buckets, answered phones, and helped customers earning the title of “Designer.” Over the course of her career she has continued to learn new aspects of the floral industry, design, color theory and eventually grew Red Fox Floral into a thriving wedding design studio.

When she isn’t designing you can find her gardening, reading, leaving piles of crafting materials strewn about, running around after her two crazy kiddos, or convincing her dog lovin’ husband to get, you guessed it, a cat!