How It All Works

How to Shop

Thanks for visiting Red Fox Floral, an online market place for simply beautiful wedding flowers. Red Fox Floral is perfect for couples who love beautiful flowers, but don’t necessarily need a full service florist for their big day.

Do you feel overwhelmed when thinking about all the options for wedding flowers?  Do you love flowers, but don’t actually know the names of any flowers? Do you love a color scheme more than a particular type of flower per say? We want to make picking and receiving beautiful wedding flower an easy and stress free part of your wedding planning.  

Take a look through our different collections and pick what you need and love!  Add them to your cart, choose to have your flowers delivered or if you want to pick them up, and check out.  Shortly after you will receive a confirmation email from our team, which means you are all set to receive beautiful wedding flowers! That is it! Easy!

Some things to remember while ordering

All orders must be placed 30 days in advance of you event date.  You can cancel your order for any reason outside of 30 days from the event date.  Refunds will not be available within 30 days of your event. If you need to add items to a previous order, they can be added no later than 7 days before the event date.

Do you need flowers delivered to 2 locations, no worries!  Simply create 2 orders, each with their specific addresses (aka the church for personal flowers and the venue for reception flowers).  We have a $1000.00 minimum order for all deliveries and a $500.00 minimum for pick up orders.

Red Fox Floral is not responsible for unpacking or setting any items up and once the flowers are signed for Red Fox Floral is not responsible for the condition of the flowers.  We will provide care instructions which should be followed to keep your flowers looking fresh and beautiful.

We are unable to provide any special requests or customizations to our flower collections.  We choose flowers that are in season and of the utmost quality. That requires Red Fox Floral to be flexible in our flowers choices and we reserve the right to make substitutions to both the fresh flowers and the vase options if for any reason items become unavailable or do not meet our high standards.  We also do our best to keep our designs uniform and cohesive, but remind you that we are creative designers and the pieces cannot meet exact expectations due to our artistic interpretations as floral designers.